Mission Statement

The mission of the Tarboro Edgecombe Chamber of Commerce is to promote the business environment and community life in the area.

To promote, protect, and improve business through the cultural, social, and economic development, growth, and sustainability of Edgecombe communities while preserving the charm and character of the village. 

Who We Are
We are a local organization focused on improving the communities of Edgecombe County, where more than 250+ member businesses reside. Our member businesses ARE the Chamber. More members give us a foundation of support, with greater economic and social impact in our communities.

What We Do
We are dedicated to building a strong local economy through business relationships. We promote and represent business interests on local, state and regional levels.  Your Chamber investment helps to support these initiatives.

Why We Do It
We are a catalyst to help our members grow, improve, and protect their businesses long-term. Our goal is to build the best environment for business and to improve the economic vitality of our community.
We welcome you to be a part of our thriving community!